Term Highlights

In our form of government, all progress requires a team effort.  Below are some highlights from my term as Mayor, but shared credit to City Council, City Staff, and our partners.

Open Space: still the only ‘silver bullet’ to combat growth, 3000+ acres protected since 2012, and some important additions since 2018… 

  • Treasure Hill
  • Armstrong Snow Creek Pastures
  • Expanded Bonanza Flat: adding 250+ acres (total 1538 acres)
  • Bonanza Flat conservation easement and added bathrooms, parking, new trails, and restoration projects. 
  • Battling Hideout’s developers to preserve Richardson Flat.  Successful State repeal of predatory annexation laws and legal defense of Park City’s development restrictions.
  • Added Urban Park Zones to better protect Park City’s beloved parks.  

Transit: building a ‘car-optional’ town

  • 21 new electric buses (85% paid for with Fed grants)
  • 15% year-over-year increase in transit passengers (pre-COVID)
  • SR-224 – added dedicated transit lanes and traffic signal control
  • SR-248 – blocked UDOT road expansion; negotiated acceleration of improvements including park and ride and incoming bus lane (2022)
  • Drop and Load Zones on Main and demand-based parking pricing
  • Exploring Aerial Transit – concepts and costs estimates presented

Walkability renewed focus on walkability and neighborhood mitigation

  • Car-free Main Street Sundays
  • Comstock tunnel under 248
  • E-bike policy and tags
  • Old Town Street mitigation
  • New trails: Free Mason, Bonanza, Treasure Hill, PC Heights Boardwalk, Mother Urban (2021/22)

Housing: 82 affordable units built or bought by PCMC, 75 new units secured through development obligations.

  • Transit Housing in Prospector; Central Park City Condos; The Retreat at the Park; Woodside 1; and former Peace House on Marsac.
  • New Housing Specialist added to City team.
  • Updated housing resolution to promote more housing and Affordable MPD updates to encourage public-private partnerships for housing.

Equity: improving access for all residents

  • The City Council Social Equity Innovation Challenge: successful programsinclude the mobile recreation trailer and Lucky Ones. 
  • City waivers and assistance for the Peace House, NAC expansion, and the Children’s Justice Center. 
  • Equity Murals and roundtables & Veterans Day posters and roundtable
  • City-led support of mental health and wellness
  • PC Police Explorer Program
  • Formation of LGBTQIA+ task force

Climate: setting aggressive goals and inspiring others!

  • Park City’s 2030 net zero goal led to landmark legislation (HB411) and has blazed a path for 22 other Utah communities to received 100% renewable energy.
  • Groundbreaking on the 80 MW ‘Elektron’ Solar Plant for PC and our resorts. 
  • Park City (twice) won a victory at the State Legislature in the ‘battle of the bag bans.’   
  • MT2030 Summit with keynotes Jane Goodall and Paul Hawken.  200+ participants, resulted in five Western towns joining our commitment of net-zero by 2030. 
  • U.S. winner of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge
  • 100+ new EV chargers, (mix of public and private), largely paid for by grants.
  • Extensive tree planting with PCHS Earth Club and Tree Utah.
  • Joined Utah Climate Compact, ULCT clean air policy.  

Community Engagement: using more channels to inform and engage our residents!

  • The year-long Vision 2020 engaged 1500 community members. 
  • Added Annual State of Park City for mid-winter outreach.
  • Expansive COVID digital outreach: Roundtables & Chats, Mensaje a la Comunidad 
  • New City website: engageparkcity.org for specific ‘hot’ projects & MPDs
  • 50+ community forums/events per year.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter and Daily Social posts. 
  • Direct canvasing neighborhoods and knocking on doors.
  • Council Walk & Talks in business districts. 
  • Spanish Language materials and a Spanish Services Program coordinator at Library.  
  • EmPOWERment Utility box art project and new public art @ Creekside Park.  

Events: sustainable tourism including event reduction and mitigation. 

  • In 2019, staff permitted 71 events compared with 86 in 2018.
  • Fee waiver reductions and a policy to limit event growth.
  • New and increased neighborhood mitigation. 
  • Successfully hosted the FIS World Championship – biggest event since the Olympics.
  • Park City has a ‘seat at the table’ for the 2030 or 2034 Olympic bid.

Historic Preservation: New funding, focus and flexibility for historic grants.

  • Partnership with Friends of Ski Mining History to accelerate protection of historic mine structures including:  King Con Counterweight, California Comstock Mill, and Judge Mine Assay Office.
  • Restoration plan for of Daly West Head Frame (2021/22)

Wildlife: protecting our furry friends.  

  • Speed reductions on 224 (special approval by UDOT), supported with police and VMS signs.
  • Poison Creek Beavers transferred to the USU Beaver Relocation Center and released in Price River. 

Water: must be treated like a precious resource!

  • Car-Free Main Street and temporary loosening of business restrictions for outdoor dining, signage, etc.
  • Immediate implementation of City recession plan, successfully managed economic shock without tapping reserves.
  • City Special Service funds shifted to community relief efforts.
  • Nearly $3M in additional CARES funding secured from State. 2/3rds was directed to local businesses and non-profits.
  • Park City Police offered interlocal support for regional social unrest
  • PPE distribution to businesses and high-density apartment buildings.

City Internal: back to basics: attention to details, improved staff reports, accountability, streamlining, better financial reporting.

  • New ‘Resident Advocate’ position.
  • New City Manager and team.
  • Development task force: 16 participants focused on streamlining building process.
  • Integration of departments, online permitting, and concurrent application process.
  • Re-finance of existing City debt (bonds) at historically low rates—saving millions!
  • Impact fee analysis and revisions.
  • Added City internships working with Bright Futures and Dream Big.  
  • Internal Social Equity and LGBTQ+ committees.
  • Police Mental Health counseling program.
  • Police & UHP conducting commercial vehicle (truck) safety inspections.
  • Explorer Youth Police Academy.  
  • Updated City policies, codes, ordinances to use gender neutral pronouns and expanded job postings to attract more diverse candidates.

Regional involvement:

Board Member ULCT (Utah League of Cities and Towns)
Commissioner Utah Quality Growth Commission
Executive Board Committee SLC-UT Olympic Bid Committee
Co-Chair Olympic Host Venues Committee
Board Member Summit County Council of Governments
Board Member Wasatch County Council of Governments
Board Member Mountainland Association of Governments
Co-Founder MT2030 (Mountain Towns 2030)
Member CAST (Colorado Area Ski Towns)
Former Commissioner EPA’s Local Government Advisor Committee 
Former Commissioner Central Wasatch Commission