These are testimonials from 2017.  New ones will be added soon.

“I have rarely seen a candidate better positioned to help our town. Andy’s track record on limiting growth, preserving open space, and protecting the environment are the main reasons I support his candidacy.” – Adam Strachan

“I believe our Mayor should be collaborative and passionate. We need someone who understands the nuances of working regionally with diverse groups. We need a Mayor who will continue our amazing momentum toward being a complete community” – Liza Simpson

“We wouldn’t be where we are today, if it wasn’t for Andy… He has been the one, ‘We’re done studying… Let’s do it!” – Cindy Matsumoto

“Andy listens. Andy has integrity. Andy is deeply knowledgeable about our City and has formed strong relationships with regional partners.” – Bryan Markkanen

“Never, in my 26 years in the community, have I witnessed such a strong, effective, intelligent and passionate government. I for one don’t want to go back, I want to continue our progressive trajectory… vote for Andy Beerman to continue our positive momentum.” – Mary Christa Smith

“Andy is fearless and never holds a grudge. He doesn’t run and hide from controversy. When told that someone in the community doesn’t agree with his position on something his reaction is always “boy I’d really like to talk to them and get their perspective. Do you think you could set something up?” – Alison Child

“Andy works for consensus and has experience and skills enabling him to get past studies and discussion and on to decisions and action. Surely, recent events such as Bonanza Flats purchase, Bonanza Park Arts district, electric buses, and the commitment for 200 affordable housing units by 2020 demonstrates his and Council’s penchant for progress!” – Peter Wright

“… respectful dialogue always achieves the best result.  This is important at the State level where Andy has worked to foster relationships that value Park City’s points of view and especially here at home where his skill at consensus building is invaluable in the evolution of a cohesive vision.” – Alex Butwinski